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Dr. Christina Holmquist, ND

Dr. Christina Holmquist, ND believes that so much goes into maintaining healthy skin, full hair, and eyes that sparkle. She takes a whole-person approach to beauty. Appearance is affected by many things including stress, lack of nutrients/vitamins, hormonal status, detoxification pathways, sleep, and topical products. If we only look at what is going on the outside, we will never attain the desired glow. That is why she does a combination of external work including cosmetic acupuncture (which also affects the internal state), topical product recommendations, light therapy and massage, in addition to the internal work: hormone balancing, detoxification work, nutrient and hormone blood tests and dietary and supplement recommendations. Dr. Christina has helped many clients with skin concerns including acne, eczema, wrinkles and fine lines, thinning hair, and overall glow.

Natural Face Lotion
Broad Spectrum SPF 50


Dr. Christina H. | Naturopathic Doctor



Classic Cosmetic Acupuncture Care (Acupuncture + Guasha/Cupping)

Firming & Contouring Cosmetic Acupuncture  Care  (Acupuncture, Guasha/Cupping + Good Ball/Massage)

Brightening & Hydrating Cosmetic Acupuncture Care (Acupuncture, Guasha/Cupping + Facial

Lymphatic Cosmetic Acupuncture Care (Acupuncture, Guasha/Cupping + Lymphatic Massage)

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