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My Complete Beauty+
Wellness Clinic


 A woman standing

Naturopathic Doctor
Cosmetic Acupuncture
Weight Loss & Dermatological Consultation

Dr. Christina Holmquist, ND

 A woman standing

Naturopathic Doctor
Facial Consultation

Dr. Jeena Park, ND

 A woman standing

Eyelash Technician
Eyelash Extension, Lift & Tinting


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Beauty Assistant

Miho Dimitrijevic

 A woman standing

Semi-Permanent make-up Artist
Brow Consultation
Microblading, Ombre Brows, Micropigmentation

Niloufar Vaseghii


Welcome to our Beauty Clinic!

I'm Esther Yoo. Director of Complete Balance Beauty + Wellness Clinic in Toronto!

Healthy Beauty! This is the foundation of our clinic. We know that healthy skin is more than just a matter of outer beauty. It is a direct reflection of our inner well-being, spirit, and overall health. Therefore, our beauty treatments focus on promoting systemic well-being. 


We use both our inside-out and outside-in strategy to promote health and beauty in our clients. When we take care of our health, we tend to look better and view ourselves more positively. When we take care of our skin and enhance our beauty, we improve Subjective Well-Being (SWB), which in turn promotes other self-care behaviors. 


All the services we offer at CB-BWC have been developed with this in mind. When we see our clients radiate with confidence and vitality, we know that we’ve accomplished our goal!  

Esther Yoo, Director -
Esther Yoo, Director


Discover the warm expertise behind Complete Balance Beauty + Wellness Clinic. Our team is more than practitioners; we're your partners in the journey to inner well-being and outer beauty. Meet the faces dedicated to making you confidently vibrant and harmoniously connected to your inner self.

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