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Miho Dimitrijevic

Miho is an experienced Beauty Assistant, specializing in Scalp Goodball Therapy, Her meticulous techniques will definitely leave you with a revitalized and empowered feeling.

Natural Face Lotion
Broad Spectrum SPF 50


Miho D. | Beauty Assistant



Classic Cosmetic Acupuncture Care (Acupuncture + Guasha/Cupping)

Firming & Contouring Cosmetic Acupuncture  Care  (Acupuncture, Guasha/Cupping + Good Ball/Massage)

Brightening & Hydrating Cosmetic Acupuncture Care (Acupuncture, Guasha/Cupping + Facial

Lymphatic Cosmetic Acupuncture Care (Acupuncture, Guasha/Cupping + Lymphatic Massage)

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