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Welcome to Complete Balance Beauty + Wellness Clinic

Updated: Jun 3

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Welcome to our first blog!

Cosmetic Acupuncture, Facials, Eyelash extensions & Eyebrow Services.

Healthy Beauty! This is the foundation of our clinic. We know that healthy skin is more than just a matter of outer beauty. It is a direct reflection of our inner well-being, spirit, and overall health. Therefore, our beauty treatments focus on promoting systemic well-being.

Acupuncture needles and candle

Our mission:

Treat the whole person naturally, cause no side effects, inspire higher standards in the healthcare system and remove barriers to help as many people reach their very best self.

Our values:

Authenticity, Balance, Compassion, Grace, Innovation, Integrity

Services we offer at our Beauty + Wellness clinic:

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatments

  • Facial Treatment

  • Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lift

  • Eyebrow Services

Bring Out Your Glow

Unveil your natural radiance with our beauty and wellness services at Complete Balance GTA. Enhance your inner and outer beauty, boosting your confidence and well-being. Explore the world where health and beauty meet, and let your inner light shine.

Want to learn more about our clinic or our services? Or need to book your next appointment? Visit our website at or contact us at 416-901-2873 or

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @mycompletebeauty for exclusive promotions.

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